Summer Sheets

You guys are so great!! Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement and support for my last post. It means so much. It’s no wonder I love this crafty community so much!

Copyright infringement is SO crazy complicated. Many, many, many folks have written countless posts on this very subject. I’ve found the following links to be very helpful.

Blogging pitfalls: Stealing other people’s photos
Bandwidth theft
Copyright thoughts and links
Creative Commons

For those of you who asked, it’s absolutely okay to link to someone’s blog or post. It’s nice. Most people really appreciate it. I don’t even mind if someone uses my photo as long as it has my link attached or close by, explaining that the work belongs to me. Heck, Craftzine and Whip-up do it all the time and I’m pretty sure no one is gonna get mad about that! It’s super cool as long as you are not “hot linking” which is the same as stealing bandwidth.

Sorry, had to get that out there. Now on to other news.

I sent this beautiful stack of vintage linen to Lisa of Polka Dot Creations for her Summer Sheet Skirt Swap. Such a great idea for those of us who are collecting way too many vintage sheets. I have so many and never use all the fabric from one sheet. This allowed me to rid myself of some excess and gain some new prints. The idea is to make some summer skirts from whatever you get back. Check out the flickr pool to see all the great stacks of vintage sheets.

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7 Responses to Summer Sheets

  1. danielle says:

    Wo! Thanks for the hot link info, I’m new to bloging and have been so worried about “stealing” pictures and images that I have been “hot linking to them without even knowing it was wrong! (I googled hot link) I will be editing all my posts. Love, love, love the vintage sheets. Thanks for sharing. Danielle

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Regina, What happened to you on Flickr is just WRONG! I’m sorry.

    You know, I have a different take on Craft*zine. They are much like WhipUp, in that they DO copy, paste and link all the time, but they are different in that they are a for-profit site, promoting their magazine. Not sure why that bugs me, or even if it falls under fair use, but it does bother me.

    Copyright is such an incredibly fascinating and difficult thing to research. When I was spending all my time reading up on it, I SOOO wished I was a lawyer. :o) I hope you can get your pictures-on-flickr thing taken care of quickly!

  3. kittee says:

    I am so completely disturbed that I missed this skirt sheet swap. Low blow for me this am. Also, I love when craftzine borrows my pictures with a link…I usually get about 800 hits that way. Seems fair.


  4. Eesh! I’m so sorry!! Karma is a B and they will get thiers!!!!

  5. Ellen says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better about it and thanks so much for the links and info. (What is ‘hot-linking’?) BTW – come and see my new giveaway…

  6. Dallas says:

    Thanks for the links – I’ve been debating if I should put watermarks on my photos or just let them be. I also have a different view on hot-linking. As long as I’m credited, I would prefer to be hot linked, and still have the control to know who is using it and the ability to remove it, rather than them saving it and loading it on their site without my knowing — but the bandwidth isn’t really an issue since I store my photos on Flickr.

  7. flossy-p says:

    That’s awful that someone’s been ripping off YOUR work. Shame on them. I’d be really pissed if that happened to me… mind you I bet it already has and I just don’t know about it. I always fear that I’ll go traveling one day and see my art printed on some tacky product in another country. Urgh, what a horrible thought.

    I’m glad you took the action to report it, and confront the “violator”. Let us know if you want us to “come down on their ass” we’ll all band together and bombard them with “shame on you” comments if you want 🙂

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