Walk Like an Egyptian…

I never really liked that song, but it’s was in my head all day as I did the final touches for Super-E’s Egyptian costume. His Egyptian Opera was this evening.

moody Egyptian eyes

The kids did a fabulous job of performing an opera that they created (songs, music and script). Unfortunately, I had to sit through 5 other plays first, in a crammed cafeteria with my little I-guy on my lap, WHILE trying to video tape the performance. The other plays were cute and all, but those folding chairs do not make a pleasant experience for thee ol’ buttocks.

We made the collar together. I used an old piece of black-out lining (for curtains). It has a great surface to paint on and it won’t tear or fray. I drew the design he wanted and he had at it with the paint. Then we put his name on a shirt with hieroglyphics. He LOVED that! I also sewed up an Egyptian kilt to complete the costume.  It was a fun time, but now I’m beat.

Now to bed…yaaaawwwn.
Good night!

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7 Responses to Walk Like an Egyptian…

  1. Regina says:

    Love the eyes! And the name on the shirt is a great touch. I will have to check that out for my little guy.

  2. Aunt Jenny says:

    I’m totally loving the moody egyptian eyes. VERY mysterious looking:)
    Lovies & kisses,
    Aunt Jenny

  3. cindy says:

    What fun!! That’s a great costume and a fun new way to look at his name. Thanks for the copyright links. It’s not only good to know your rights, but as a new blogger to know where the boundaries are.

  4. vicki says:

    How fun to see a kid’s opera! Lots of creative & talented energy involved. Awesome shirt!

  5. Anonymous says:

    what great fun!! love the costume! i got my cards in the mail – they are all so beautiful! thanks for hosting REgina!!

  6. Anastasia says:

    Oops that was me Regina!

  7. Great job on the costume. I love the hieroglyphics!

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