10 Days of Happiness- Day 5

The fact that these guys love to read, be read to and love going to the library, make me extremely happy.  It truly melts my heart.

These photos were taken in March, but we go almost every other Wednesday and make our bi-monthly contribution of at least $5 in late fees.  It’s the least we can do.

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6 Responses to 10 Days of Happiness- Day 5

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh my gosh, I nearly keeled over when I saw the first photo. I thought it was a room in your new home and I just about hopped in my car with the kiddos, ready to drive over and move in!

    Great pics, and yep, I agree. The love of reading really lights up a kid’s eyes and warms a mom’s heart.

  2. Green Mamma says:

    I totally relate to the late fees, lol. Love the pics. Did you know that in the U.K. they do not permit folks to take photographs in libraries and in other public places? I don’t live there, but I wonder why this law exists . . .

  3. lisette says:

    I love your days of happiness! And I also would be very happy if my boys love to read.. Great vintage fabric! Love it! And enjoy making your quilt.. it’s nice to do!

  4. Anastasia says:

    i love the photos – so cool!!!
    my boys also love to be read to and Im going to encourage reading as much as i can because i know how wonderful it is!!

  5. linda says:

    How lucky are you !! I love to read and my mother never allowed me !
    So I was determined to let my own kids read to their heart’s content. But you know what …they don’t like to read!
    I’m still hopeful ..but I don’t know if teenage boys will still change that much 🙁

  6. Ellen says:

    We love libraries too except my fees are typically larger than yours. At least it’s going to a ‘good cause’.

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