Illustration Friday – Packed

Illustration Friday word for the week is packed

Watercolor & ink
(see it BIGGER)

Because we hike on a regular basis, we’ve tried hard to keep hiking a fun activity for the boys.  Super-E at age 7 is a good hiker but sometimes gets bored.  I-guy, age 3, will hike with us for about half the hike, but still needs to be carried in daddy’s carrier through tough terrain (or during cranky & tired moments).

I-guy may be too young for his own pack, but Super-E certainly isn’t, especially if his bag is light and  packed with interesting things.  This illustration serves as a reminder of things we need on our hiking trips.  We are always forgetting something.  We (mom & dad) still carry the water bottles and snacks, eliminating some of the heavier items from a little pack.  And I, of course, have my camera with me. Some more adult items might be a pocket knife and waterproof matches.  We never go hiking with the kids for longer than an hour or two, so some of these things might be unnecessary on a very short hike.

The map, compass, binoculars, notebook and pencil all keep a long hike interesting for Super-E.  Sometimes a small bird, plant or insect book comes along with us too.

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10 Responses to Illustration Friday – Packed

  1. What a clever idea for the theme.
    Your blog is a lot of fun too!!

  2. Taryn says:

    Ooh, and maybe if you got him a small camera too. Mine all love a chance to have the camera to themselves and it’s great fun to see what they find ‘picture worthy’. It all sounds like great fun, though.

  3. upstatelisa says:

    love it! we hike too! Our Nature Boy is a real pro now at 12! He finds wildlife like noone else!!!

  4. Jessica says:

    Your post gives me hope that someday we will be able to get our kiddos out for a hike; right now, at almost 2, we usually hike with Annabelle in an Ergo but she is getting to the age where she can shout, “Walk! Walk!” I’m looking forward to the day when she is leading the way as our friend’s 3 1/2 year will do.

    Oh, and a lovely illustration too!

  5. Kate says:

    Beautiful illustration! So simple and organic and *pretty* 🙂

  6. sarah says:

    oh, i love this so much!

  7. Joanie says:

    Great interpretation of the theme. Very nice work!

  8. Indigene says:

    This is so adorable and I love the post, too! Clean, crisp illustration!

  9. Monica says:

    I’m not one for hiking, but this illustration makes me feel like getting packed and heading towards a hike path! I love the sketch look, you don’t need a camera, I bet you can capture all you see on your hike on your notebook!

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