busy hands

I always like to have my hands busy.  It’s comforting to me.  Whether it be typing on the computer, holding/clicking my camera, drawing with ink, pencil or paint brush.  I am constantly clicking my pen at work too.  I am sure that it is incredibly annoying.  It’s especially true with driving long distances (if I read I will puke).  My husband is the king driver of the household.  He is ALWAYS behind the wheel.  Except for once when I had to drive because he busted his chin in a bike accident.  Oh, and the time he had surgery.  Yep, he pretty much has to be injured or ill to be in the passenger seat.  I don’t know what will happen when the boys start driving.  Well, let’s NOT think about that just yet.


Anywho, that is a very looong winded way of saying that I have to crochet when we go on long driving trips.   Even if I don’t know what I’m crocheting, I always take my crochet bag with me.  Sometimes little squares or flowers.  When we drove to the Grand Canyon, I decided to make water bottle holders for two of our bottles.  My Kleen Kanteens have sewn bottle carriers, but these needed something too.  Those stainless steel bottle can be cold on the little fingers. So, I made these with some cotton yarn. Finished both on the 4 hour drive.  They are much better than the holey tube socks we were using before.

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3 Responses to busy hands

  1. jessica says:

    That is a great idea…as it gets cooler here my kleen kanteen gets a little bit frosty!

  2. Connie says:

    These are awesome, and I thank you for the illustration!

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