Fluffy White Wreath Revisited

Remember this wreath from a couple of years ago?

Well, I lost most of the red glittery apples and was left with a plain white fluffy wreath.

I really love this wreath and all its white fluffliness, so made new ornaments for it.  Really quick and easy.

I cut circles out of fabric and felt with my pinking shears, picked out some buttons and fastened them together with wire, leaving enough wire in the back to twist onto the wreath.  I love it’s new look and happy to have it up again.

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4 Responses to Fluffy White Wreath Revisited

  1. dot says:

    Love this! the colors are great, so cheery… I’ll be linking to it 🙂

  2. How did you make the wreath??? It’s so pretty! love the ornaments. such a great idea!

  3. dot says:

    follow up: it’s linked here… i adore your stuff 🙂

  4. dot says:

    oh, and your star garland too

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