Some bird inspiration

1. three wee bird ornaments, 2. isbn4893969013-03, 3. Paper Bird Ornament, 4. Whit’s Knits: Holiday Bird Ornaments, 5. bird ornaments, 6. felt bird ornament, 7. Peace Birdy– Side 1, 8. Peace Dove Ornament, 9. Felt Love Birds, 10. Two little birdies, 11. crochet bird, 12. Fabric Bird ornament, 13. Linen Bird Ornaments, 14. bird ornaments, 15. Spool bird ornament, 16. a bowl of birds, 17. Christmas ornament pink bird, 18. French Dots, 19. AllThingsPretty Garden Bird, 20. Summer Flowers Pintail, 21. ivory with red scroll, 22. Friendly Birds, 23. Hangin’ in there, 24. Molly’s Sketchbook: Simple Sewn Bird Ornaments, 25. bird mobile 2

I was not surprised to find all of these amazing birds on Flickr.  There are tons!  And they are all very beautiful and very different.  Some are fabric, felt, paper mache, paper, yarn… wow!!  I love them all and wanted to share them as inspiration for the Birds of Change Exchange.  Several people have signed up already, so this promises to be a very fun swap.  I’m so excited!!

Here’s is a bit more lovely bird inspiration:

1. Hand Painted Birds!, 2. Holiday Ornament Swap 2006: Group 33 Red Clay Bird by Fi Foott, 3. little birdie ornament made for Heather (sweet little nest swap), 4. 37:365, 12-10-2008, 5. Carmen, felt bird ornament, 6. Red bird ornament, 7. Felt Ornaments, 8. Bird ornament green, 9. Re-Cycled Owl Ornament tag, 10. patterned paper bird, 11. green bird bearing gift, 12. Little Bird Ornament, 13. Bird Friend Ornaments, 14. Bird Ornament~, 15. Handcrafter Bird Ornament, 16. bird ornament 1, 17. Bird ornament, 18. Bird Ornament, 19. black bird ornament, 20. Bird ornament

So don’t forget, sign up ends in 8 days!

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3 Responses to Some bird inspiration

  1. Andie says:

    Holy cow…now THAT is some inspiration!!
    Thanks so much for your encouragment today lovey.

  2. Magpie Sue says:

    This is very tempting… You’ve shown mostly songbird-type birds in your posts, but I assume chickens or even flamingoes would be welcome?

  3. indah says:

    your creation are very beutiful, iam very glad to found your blog.

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