A big thank you!

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes and great bird day comments.  I’ve never had that many, so I am more than thrilled.  Thank you!

I wanted to alert you to a couple more bird giveaways that didn’t make the list yesterday. They have been added at the bottom of the original list, so please pay a visit to see those sweet little birds.

I had a great 37th.  Watched the tube all morning, happy and teary-eyed.  Then did some shopping, courtesy of my mom, my sister and my granny.  All handmade of course ~ local & etsy (I’ll show you all my goodies when they come in the mail). Ate some yummy Thai (my favorite) and then had friends over for some delicious chocolate cake, made from scratch by my favorite three guys.  A pretty awesome day indeed!

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3 Responses to A big thank you!

  1. Sounds like a lovely birthday! (Thai is my favorite too:)

  2. Stephanie says:

    I would say that with the events of yesterday that would be a very good birthday indeed!! Love the Obama doll, lol =)

  3. Susan says:

    Sorry I missed your birthday – Happy belated bday – here’s to a wonderful year ahead!

    we’ve been moving over the last week, so I haven’t exactly been online much 🙂 We’re out in Chicago now, believe it or not…relocated, possibly for good! I look forward to catching up on all of your crafty goodness… Susan

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