a weird day

*Panic # 1~ My computer screen went black– nothing.  My computer support services (my hubby) is out of town so had to stress until his work day was over and I could call him.

*Panic #2 ~ Then I was late picking up my little guy because I forgot it was Wednesday, a short day!  Bad mommy!!

*Panic #3 ~ Hubby can’t help me over the phone with the computer, have to call the big guns who I can barely hear or understand. It was a bad connection and I’m a bit slow with the computer jargon.

*Panic #4 ~ Can’t find Rocky because he blends in with everything. I looked everywhere in a half panic (okay, full) then my guys came out to help me and found him in 2 seconds flat!

The good news is that kids are home safe, rocky is sleeping away in his burrow and my computer is up and running with no problems.  Phew! What a day!

Now that I have vented, on with my skirt…

It’s a AEO knock-off.  My friend A has one and I liked it so much that I borrowed it and copied it.  Now I have to make sure that we don’t wear it on the same day.  That would be so dorky!

It’s a very simple design that falls nicely on the sides. Makes it a little flirty and sassy.  It has good swing to it too — good for dancing around the house (the only kind of dancing I do lately).

I cut it on the bias, sewed up the sides with my serger and did a fold over casing for the elastic waist.  No hem either since it is jersey knit and cut on the bias.  I’m thinking I might make another and play around with the shape a bit.

Now I’m going to de-stress by sitting in front of the tube watching Mamma Mia.  Just me and a pint of cherry chocolate soy ice creams.


I’m having an art print giveaway tomorrow so don’t forget to stop by!


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12 Responses to a weird day

  1. kittee says:

    you are so productive for such a stressful day. i too, have been zipping up the skirts lately. i found one i loved in a shop, made by a 17 year old designed, that so inspired me. it was $54, and a little too narrow on my hips or i would have bought it. instead, i tried to make my own. it’s basically an aline skirt with a sheer fabric overlaid on top of a cotton floral print with peekaboo cut outs. what sort of serger do you have and do you like it?

  2. Paula says:

    What’s a day without a little bit of panic?! Glad everything turned out alright in the end…
    Such a fun and swingy skirt! Can definately see if dancing around the house. Nice job!

  3. Mel says:

    I’ve had a week of those kinda days but with out the lovely skirt!

  4. That’s a lot of action for just one day !
    Glad everything was resolved and well in the end 🙂

    Love the skirt, pretty line and yummy color.

  5. upstatelisa says:

    I had one of those days too but mine didn’t yield any new clothing! Love your skirt!

  6. Teresa says:

    Love that chocolate-y skirt – and I’m so glad all the panics worked out well…

  7. Flassie says:

    Glad everything worked out in the end.

    My computer screen wasn’t working either
    and that is the first thing I check is
    the connections.

    Really do not know how they get loosened. I guess it is that slight movements and shifting that takes place from the house, cars, planes, and just the the ground moving. Maybe it’s all those worms and moles etc, making the earth move under our feet. lol!

  8. Flassie says:

    PS. Cute skirt! I wish my old sewing
    machine could do the serger thing.

  9. Maribeth says:

    Lovely skirt. It truly flatters you.

  10. Michelle says:

    Oh, Regina, I’ve had one of those “no pick up Wednesday early-day” things, too, I think every mommy has to do it once (at least all the ones I talked to had) and then we’ll never forget again, right? It’s okay, I’m glad everyone (and every thing) is doing fine, don’t be too hard on yourself! I felt like a horrible mommy, too…

  11. Alexandra says:

    Ha! It’s fine with me if we wear it on the same day–we can be skirt twinsies! See you tomorrow. (I will not be wearing the skirt)

  12. Isabelle says:

    Since a teenager, when I see two people wearing the same item of clothing I call it the ‘me and my mate look!’

    I’ve decided to make myself a skirt for the winter to wear with black tights and a black top – I thought white with a large black (maybe with a bit of colour) design on it. Saw a woman on the tele in something similar and it looked nice!

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