Summers are a hard time for us here in the southwest.  Heat, mosquitoes, low energy and boredom all contributing to a little bit of summer-time cabin-fever.   Still, we are trying to enjoy this time as best as we can.

We will be….

*working on a list similar to this one at Let’s Play.
*making some cool treats like this and convincing daddy that we absolutely need THIS so we can make some yummy treats from this great book.
*going up the mountain to find cooler temps (that’s where I took the pics above)
*going to see a couple of movies.
*working on family meditation and yoga (to help up remain tolerant and happy).
*organizing a kid’s bookmark swap (?)~ Super-E’s idea.

Any other good ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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5 Responses to Summer

  1. jessica says:

    Family yoga–that sounds like a good way to enjoy summer!

  2. Green Mamma says:

    I’m reading a great meditation/mindfulness book for motherhood; it’s supposed to be great for pregnancy and for new moms too (which I mention since you work with lots of new moms).

    I’d love to hear more about how your family practices meditation/yoga together. Last week, we took Annabelle to a kids’ yoga class and I think it was a bit over her head (she ran around the mats the entire time). Maybe when she’s a bit older?

    By the way, I love your dandelion shot. Are you into macro photography too?

  3. Bead Up says:

    i especially LOVE that dandelion picture! had I known about it I would have included it in a dandelion blog entry I did a few weeks ago:

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Leticia says:

    My kids would definitely participate in a bookmark swap, we make our own pretty often! =)

  5. WOW those pictures are beautiful!

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