bench monday, new shoes and a bike


I love the idea of riding a pretty pink bike with beautiful greenery & flowers passing by, wind through my hair, free as a bird.  The reality for me is that riding my bike is nothing but cars, street lights and terror.  I am totally afraid to ride my bike on the streets in my city.  It completely fills me with anxiety and fear.  So, instead I dreamed up this bike painting.  What I visualize as the perfect bike ride. What one might feel if they had somewhere pretty and safe to ride.  My husband, an avid bike rider, will tell you differently.  He believes riding, anywhere, can be completely safe.  Maybe it is.  Maybe I just need to relax and become more confident.

I really do love bench Mondays.  I like searching for interesting benches when I’m out and about.  We found these benches at the St. Philips Plaza where the farmer’s market is held.  I love the colorful tiles.

This one I am looking down at my new summer shoes.  Vintage hurache sandals, just like when I was little.  I think I remember having white ones though.  These were bought through Etsy, of course, from the Bag Basement.  I can’t believe I bought shoes on-line and they fit like a dream!

Happy Monday!!

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9 Responses to bench monday, new shoes and a bike

  1. Carolyn says:

    LOVE your bicycle painting. I am lucky to live in a small town with a dedicated biketrail (a former railroad track). Biking is the only exercise I enjoy… well, I like dancing too, because that doesn’t feel like exercise!)
    But I would be afraid to ride on main roads!

    Your pics are lovely, those tiles are gorgeous, and I had huraches too, in college. They look good with just about everything!

  2. Patti says:

    I love your pink bicycle. The older I get, the more afraid of traffic I become.

    What a great bench! And the shoes are adorable! Congrats on your great find!

  3. Malinda says:

    I love biking even in LA – I ride EVERYDAY in LA traffic 🙂

  4. Green Mamma says:

    Congrats on snagging awesome, comfy shoes on Etsy! Also, I’m with you about riding bikes, though we do live in a real biking friendly community so I ought to just get on out there with my hubby (who is becoming an avid biker).

    Would you consider driving your bike to a bike friendly park?

  5. Alexandra says:

    You know Regina, I felt the exact same way about riding my bike in Tucson. Then when E gave me that sweet old blue Schwinn my feelings changed. Maybe because I sit comfortably, maybe because E is such a protector that I think he put protective salts on the it, or maybe because I love the bicycle so much that I am slightly high every time I ride it, I just settled into riding it and feel much like the feeling of your painting. The painting makes me happy because of that exactly. Even in scary Tucson I feel relaxed on it. I hope someday you get to ride happily too. Maybe if you get a cruiser we can cruise around together–on low traffic streets, in decent temperatures.
    Please let me know if you make prints of that painting, I would LOVE to buy one. …or two…

  6. I love that bike in your painting! I want one just like it 🙂

    I am terrified of riding on the streets too, so I stick to the bike trails & sidewalks around here. (Luckily there are lots of trails to ride on!) Of course this means that I never ride my bike for practical reasons (like to the store), but I do ride it just for enjoyment (and I walk to the store instead).

  7. I’m just the same when it comes to riding a bike, i would be scared on the road but you kinda feel in the way on the pavement. Some of our roads have proper cycle paths but i think i would still feel vaunerable. Nice peices both of them. The drink sounds interesting, i’ve just had iced coffee in the garden it’s finally cooling down, phew!

  8. Leticia says:

    Hey Regina! I just wanted to share with you that I own the bike you painted here. =) It’s so cute and I love it! Call me if you ever want to go for a ride!

  9. Taryn says:

    I love, love, love hurache sandals. I’m actually starting to see them in the stores again. Woohoo!

    The painting is very nice. Turned out quite well. Wish I had that talent, but in our family it went from my father to my brother and never thought about me. lol

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