herbal vinegar, for use as hair rinse and facial astringent

I’ve been making my own shampoo, herbal vinegars and face scrubs.  I feel a little bit like I am making potions. A little Felix Felicis or Pollyjuice potion would be fun to make too, if only I could get the recipes (and a little magic).   Anyway, I’ve had a little bit of help with the basics of natural home and body potions with the following wonderful books.

1. Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal: A guide to living life with energy, health and vitality.  This one is my favorite of the group.  It is truly a classic and Rosemary Gladstar is the mother of herbal body care. I love to just thumb through and read about all of the healthy and natural things you can make and do.

2. Earthly Bodies and Heavenly Hair by Dina Falconi.  This one is a nice compliment to the Family Herbal.

3. Make Your Place, affordable, sustainable nesting skills by Raleigh Briggs.  a completely wonderful and delightful little book with A LOT of good info on health & first aid,  non-toxic cleaning, body care and  gardening.

4. Clean Body: the humble art of zen-cleansing yourself by Michael Dejong. Learn all of the magical wonders of lemon, baking soda, salt and white vinegar.  It is all categorized by body part, which I think is pretty cool!  I won this one from Jessica at Green Mamma and I love it.  Thanks Jessica!!

This is what’s in my potions cabinet.  I have slowly adding to my collection of essential oils and herbs. I keep everything in a little basket so I can pull everything out when I need it.  Someday I’d love to get little apothecary jars for everything.

Also, I actually used this shampoo recipe (with chamomile and lavender) for me & the boys.  I love it so far. Next I am going to try to make lotion!!

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6 Responses to Potions

  1. Liz Amason says:

    I’m very intriqued about essential oils and want to learn more. Do you have a suggestion for some quick learning on the subject?

    Also, for info on toxins in your commonly used cleaning products:

  2. Becky says:

    I recently got the “Make Your Place” one–it’s so cute! The only thing I’ve actually tried from it so far is the facial toner for rosacea… I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m using it consistently enough to really tell, but it does seem like it’s making a small difference!

  3. susan says:

    Any suggestions with Rosemary. I have SO much growing Sue

  4. Linda says:

    How about using baby food jars? You can paint the lid tops. Or those plastic spice jars work really well, too.

  5. Leticia says:

    This sounds like so much fun!! Where do you go about getting liquid castille soap?

  6. Green Mamma says:

    Hooray! I’m glad you’re enjoying Clean Body, 🙂 The chamomile and lavender shampoo recipe looks like one I’d like to try . . . relaxing, yes?

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