Bench Monday, a cat and a travel pillow

The first day of school went smoothly.  Only a half day for today and tomorrow to get the kids adjusted at a gentle pace.  The after school conversation went as usual:

Us (acting overly excited): “How was it?”
E: “eh, fine. good.”
Us: “what did you do?”
E: “ehhhh, nothing.”
Us: “well, did you meet any new friends?”
E: “not really”

So apparently, they sat around doing absolutely nothing, talking to no one for about 4 hours.  I guess he needed a bit of time to process his day. As the afternoon progressed he began to give us the details of his day. It just so happens that they went on a tour of the school, he has two teachers, they did some introduction games and he even met a few people. It was even kinda fun.

He even asked for a reading pillow for class. And since I have had Maya’s travel pillow in my mind, I decided this was as good a reason as any to finally make one. He picked one of my thrifted pillowcases for me to use and said, “make it real simple, don’t go crazy.”  What’s THAT supposed to mean!


I never go crazy…(ahem).

P.S.  Just so you know, it only took about 15 shots and a bribe of catnip to get that kitty of mine to cooperate in the top picture.

P.S.S.  I used a premade 15 x 15 inch pillow form to make the travel pillow. I will be writing E’s name on the handle.

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  1. angela says:

    I love the pillow. I saw it over at MayaMade and loved the idea, but using it as a reading pillow is soooooo great! Oh, and I love the video clip of Rocky eating…very cool.

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