taking it easy

butternut squash potage ~ recipe found HERE

I have felt on the verge of getting sick for the last several days.  Mostly I’m tired with a bit of sneezing. No flu symptoms, thank goodness.   I’ve been working really hard to take good care of myself with lots of veggies, soup, tea and rest.  I absolutely cannot get sick.  I am going to Eugene, Oregon next week to see my sister and her family.  Just me with no hubby and no kids.  I haven’t gone anywhere by myself in ages.  It will be strange, but I am super excited.

So, to keep me happy and well for my visit I’ve been reading my new magazines, eating some yummy soup and drinking lots of tea. Plus lots of positive thinking, rest and use of my neti pot for good measure.  Oh, don’t forget lots of hand washing- especially when I am at work. Body+Soul Magazine has a great immunity tea recipe along with a great list of healthy food, herbs & tips.  The Stitch Magazine, in all its sewing awesomeness, is just creative food for the soul.

Here are some great links to things that have been helping me make good conscious choices about my health. I believe completely in the connection of mind-body-spirit and think that actively participating in all aspects of your own personal health is key to truly being healthy.

* Maya*made has a nice list of healthy child reference books.
* Kitchen Cures  on MS (video)
* Sustainable Food Choices with Micheal Pollan on MS (video)
* Botany of Desire on PBS (video) a fascinating look at apples, potatoes, tulips and marijuana.
* Dr. Weil’s Cough & Cold Kit for Children(pdf)

I’d love to read Michael Pollan’s new book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma for Kids: The Secrets Behind What you Eat. I have a tendency to worry about everything I put in the kid’s mouth, lungs and on their skin too. Fortunately, Super E’s school is on the same track with helping the kids understand healthy food choices and safe hygeine.   Hopefully it will all payoff through out the cold season.

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4 Responses to taking it easy

  1. Gwen says:

    I found your blog from a comment you left on the ArtFest yahoo group. I love your art and your photos, and I will be back to read more! I loved your leaf tutorial, I live in the NW, so I have plenty of leaves whenever I want them, but this is an awesome tute. I also love your Day of the Dead art! As you can see, I skimmed through quite a few posts!

  2. Virginie says:

    Bon rétablissement ! connais tu les extraits de pépins de pamplemousse, c’est très efficace aussi !

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’ve seen that new Pollen book too and have been wanting to read both!

  4. I hope you are feeling better now. Those links sound great. Thanks. I agree about the mind body spirit connection. And I love Body and Soul as well.

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