keeping warm

It’s cooold. Well, for me any way. So, I’m just trying to keep warm.  We decided to start up the fireplace for the first time ever.  It’s nice to have a toasty glow fill the room.  And, the kids aren’t as interested in it as I thought they would be.

The tree is up in all it’s glory. Twinkling lights and it’s sweet piney scent filling the room.  I just love it.

The birds are visiting in masses which is lovely. I’ve been trying to catch little shots of them, which is tricky.

And finally, I have completed the last update for my shop. A few more tea wallets. I had planned more, but I need to call it quits.

Now I will be tackling my list for this week, plus we have a good friend visiting.

* Tamales
* Cookies
* Paper snowflakes
* Dolls
* PJ pants

I am really looking forward to my list of projects, especially those dolls!!

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6 Responses to keeping warm

  1. Christmas tree bokeh, my very fav!

  2. I hope your friend will help you with the tamales – that’s quite a job!

  3. Kerowyn says:

    Yay! I scored a tea wallet for my best friend!

    I was soooo disappointed when I missed out on the last batch. I love your blog and your Etsy creations.

    You inspire me!

  4. Hi Regina. We just started using our fireplace this year as well ( only our second yr. here). My son is very interested, my daughter could care less. Your shots looks nice and cozy. Enjoy your time with your friend. Tamales sound terrific! Oh, yeah.. I was browsing over on paper n’ stitch and saw your “table”. Congrats!

  5. Tricia says:

    I can’t wait to see the dolls!! I love the new wallets, what did you end up painting on? is it washable? Not that my expectation is spilling on but my luck is :S

  6. Rachel says:

    Oh my goodness, love those tea wallets! Just stumbled upon your blog and love it! All that vegan food looks so YUMMY! YAY for vegan food!!

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