new art

she waited…

Here are my latest two pieces.  I made them using some of the techniques I learned at artfest.

what am i waiting for?

These (as well as my others) are 6 x 8 inches. I love working small and the 300 lb watercolor paper I’ve been using is so lovely to work on. It holds up to layer after layer of paper and paint.  Plus, the weight feels good in your hand.  I bought a new, big sheet a few days ago. I’m going to cut it up into different sized pieces, so I’ll have lots to play with.

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3 Responses to new art

  1. Great paintings. Nice paper!

  2. sperlygirl says:

    oh i love the ‘what am i waiting for’ – she is lovely!! beautiful colors, expression, feeling.

  3. Regina- I was in the middle of editing my post on butterflies, somehow it showed up anyway. I credited all photographers and wrote a bit about butterflies. Love them!

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