so far, so good

Just an update post about my hair, skin and plants. Weird, I know, (and it’s only been a week) but it’s all been so good that I had to let you know about it.

First my hair. I have been having fantastic luck so far (a lot better than my first go at it). I have not washed for a little over a week and my hair has been great. Just rinsing with the baking soda and water mix every third day.  My hair is soft and very clean looking the first day after rinsing, the second day it looks fine, and the third I have to wear a pony tail or a hat. Then I rinse and it’s nice, clean and soft again. What is interesting, is that I have a bit more wave at the end of my hair than I used to.  My hair has always been very straight with a teeny hint of a wave when it’s long. Now, it has a noticeable wave and curl at the tips. I like it.

The Oil cleansing method (OCM) has been working well too!  I only clean my face this way every other day. On my off days, I just rinse with warm water. So far, no major break outs or anything weird.  My hubby bought me some Sweet Cheeks moisturizer for Mother’s day, which is a bit similar to the olive oil and castor oil mixture I made except it is scented with lavender and rose oil. Plus, it is a bit thicker and less messy. I really like it.

My herbs and tomato plant have been thriving (you can see it before here). I am so excited to see 10 little green tomatoes growing and another 10 or so flowers. Yay! I can’t wait to eat my first cherry tomato. I even have a gulf ball size pomegranate growing and lots of fruiting buds.

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7 Responses to so far, so good

  1. Erin Leigh says:

    hi regina, i love hearing about your adventures in shampoo + face wash. i mean it! i love your flowers from the last post, too. take care, erin

  2. paula says:

    you’re an inspiration!!!

  3. i don’t know if i could ever go shampoo free! i do only wash my hair every 3 or 4 days. i hear, though, once you get past the transition time, you’ll be fine. i had loads of friends in college with dreads, 7 they would just rinse them from time to time

  4. Teresa says:

    I’ve been no-poo for a couple of years – and I love it – there’s no way I’d go back…

    …I love your tomatoes too – we’re still a while away from even planting yet…

  5. Jessica says:

    Beautiful, beautiful plants. I’m inspired but I am still using my MK products and washing my hair with Pantene. I know, I know . . . anyway, I think you’re awesome. This is going to be great for your health and the water supply.

  6. Michelle says:

    I followed the links backwards and still didn’t get many specifics about the baking soda and water rinse. Is there a particular ratio for mixing it up? Do you leave it in for awhile, then rinse the mixture out? More details if you have a minute, please. I am intrigued.

  7. I mix 1 tbsp baking soda with 1 cup water until baking soda is dissolved, then pour it into my hair, a little at a time, working it into all of my hair (my hair is VERY thick and long). There are other methods too. Some people make a paste and work it in. Here is a really good link for you to look into it further.

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