bike bag


I made this bag for my hubby so that he could carry his bike gear when he goes riding. He’ll sometimes have to drive a bit before he can get somewhere to ride. This helps keep all his stuff together, which he likes.


I love, love, love this fabric–don’t you? I just couldn’t resist it when I saw it.  The colors are just too perfect for my guy.  He’s been using my eggplant tote, which just isn’t his style.

There are two pockets inside and two on the outside. One of them for his water bottle.  I think he could probably use another water bottle pocket. I might try to add that on later.

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3 Responses to bike bag

  1. Mousy Brown says:

    I just saw this fabric over at I LOVE it so much and I also love how different your ways of using it are! 😀

  2. Amanda Pedro says:

    ha. when the picture of the eggplant tote popped up, I chuckled. I was thinking eggplant the colour, not eggplant the plant. funny to think of your guy riding on his bike with it. don’t know why, just a little giggle thing I guess….

  3. That fabric is great! You did an awesome job on the bag. I especially like the blue strip of fabric across the top of the pocket that says “bicycle”.

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