w.i.p and shop talk

I’ve been working on a couple different projects today. I want to make farmer’s market totes for my friends out of the vintage linens that I saved for myself.   I’ve cut out enough pieces to make ten totes. Hopefully I have the stamina to complete them all. I just need some bias tape for making easy handle straps.

I also painted some frames that I’ve been collecting from thrift shops.  I want to do a collage of frames and art on a little bare bit of wall in my living room.  Like what I did for Halloween last year, just not so dark and spooky.

Now on to shop talk. I have added some calavera ornaments to my shop, just in time for Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations in November.  And lastly, I’ll be taking all my destashed fabric out of my shop next weekend. I want to focus on my art, clean-up and organize shop for the up-coming holidays.  I’ve lowered prices a bit to help get things moving.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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