little gnomes & ornament making

I found these two little guys tearing around in my rose bushes.  They just started shuffling their cute little feet, kicking pebbles and whistling when they saw me. Up to no good I’m guessing. I suspect that it’s these two guys that are tormenting our cat in the middle of the night. Them or those sweet little fairies living in our walls.

I love pulling out my two favorite childhood books about gnomes. They provide for some fun and entertaining reading and some great inspiration too. When it comes to the holidays, it’s more often than not that I have a strange desire to make gnomes as ornaments.

This year, I am, along with some other things.  I decided to cut out ornaments with my scroll saw, something I haven’t pulled out in ages.  She was a bit dusty and slow to get going, but eventually she cut through the MDF like butter.

I’ve been sanding and priming these pieces all day. And wouldn’t you know, I’m feeling all motivated and creative and I am going on a 4 day trip starting tomorrow afternoon. All my little crafty project will have to stay home and wait for my return. Hopefully I’m feeling just as motivated and crafty when I get back.

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6 Responses to little gnomes & ornament making

  1. Amanda Pedro says:

    oh wow! These look great. can’t wait to see what you do with them!

  2. Linda says:

    I hope some of these cute guys make into your Etsy shop!

  3. Judith says:

    I have been lurking here for a while but feel the need to leave a comment now.

    The Rien Poortvliet book is one of my favourite childhood books! It’s just so lovely and fantasy evoking. I’m considering introducing it to my 2,5 year old, it just seems the right season to do so…

  4. elsa says:

    looking forward to seeing what you do with all these shapes! love the gnomes … they look like they could get into mischief … don’t leave them alone!

  5. kt says:

    i heart gnomes! i can’t wait to see what you create with all your cut outs

  6. Dakota says:

    Oh that’s too funny, I used the same gnome book to reference my son’s halloween costume… 🙂

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