more inspiration!

1. poinsettia brooch, 2. Ho-Ho-Homestyle Santa Ornament, 3. WIP de Natal, 4. mr & mrs claus ornaments, 5. paper flower wreath, 6. Merry trio, 7. Cherries detail, 8. Dollhouse Miniature Gingerbread House, 9. my apologies to the purists, but I do love my fake plastic turquoise tree with oooooh shiny mirrored disco ball ornaments, 10. Tomtar, 11. Mini Felted Wool Wreath, 12. have yourself a shiny little christmas, 13. my favorite time of the year, 14. Festive Felt Christmas Trees, 15. Comfort & Joy for a Swap, 16. christmas ornament

1. vintagechristmas07, 2. kid/mom scrap ball collaboration, 3. gingerbread mobile, 4. Christmas Stockings, 5. christmas tree patchwork, 6. Glass box, 7. Flashy Glitterboard Cottage!, 8. gumdrop wreath, 9. Soft Trees Forest, from the Purl Bee, 10. Day 12: Christmas Peggy, 11. Peppermint garland, 12. Full Moon Forest patchwork tree, 13. decking the studio, 14. Advent garland, 15. My Christmas Trees, 16. is it time yet?, 17. Advent stocking garland, 18. garland swap – sent, 19. Molly’s Star Ornaments, 20. Christmas Tree Deco, 21. detail, 22. Gum Drop Balls. Much better than Schwetty Balls, 23. fabric chain garland, 24. Decorated table top holiday trees, 25. candy cones

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2 Responses to more inspiration!

  1. Jessica says:

    Beautiful! It makes me feel so Christmasy, 🙂

  2. Hello Regina!
    Thank you for selecting my work as an inspiration in her first mosaic. My picture is number 3! I loved it!
    Merry Christmas!

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