oh, tannenbaum

I don’t know where the weekend went, but it just whizzed by.

The boys are still talking about all the stuff we did on Saturday. With 75 degree weather, we couldn’t help but do the outside holiday decorating, which really meant that we did some very needed yard work.  The kids played on the roof, while daddy hung the lights (he have a fairly flat roof).

Then we found the wonderful tree that will be filling our home with the beautiful scent of pine. I love it!

We decorated too. My favorite part is carefully pulling out all of my beloved ornaments and adding the strings of lights that makes the whole room sparkle.

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One Response to oh, tannenbaum

  1. amy says:

    love those shots of your boys!

    i also wanted to say (without messing up your giveaway), it is totally not cheating to roll two or more projects/tasks into one (the ornies for my swap)! that is just excellent time management :).

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