holiday thrifting

thrifted owls and paper weights (hats added with picnik for extra holiday spirit)

We did a quick little thrifting trip to a new thrift shop that just opened up (Humane Society on Speedway for you locals). We went right after school, which meant dragging the boys with me. You would have thought I was using some ancient torture devise on them. From now on I’m going to start saying, “If you don’t cut it out, I’m going to take you to the thrift store!”  Hows that for a threat?

It was just getting them in the store that was hard, but once they spotted the two cute little owls, they were quite interested in what other cool stuff there might be. Plus, the pretty young girl at the counter told my Super-E that he had very nice eyes which suddenly made him a bit shy.  When we left left, he said, “that place wasn’t so bad after all.”

Hmph. There goes my new threat.

He named the blue owl Bluebottom, and the other is Soren. Cute!

I also bought this brass bowl. I was looking for something to put potpourri in. It’s so perfect.  I cleaned it out and put a thin coat of red alcohol ink on the outside to brighten the color.  Inside I put bits of our pine tree, pine cones from our last trip up the mountain and some berries from the neighbors bush.  I also made some essential oil spray to spritz on it occasionally. It’s a 1 oz little spray bottle with distilled water,  10 drops of cinnamon, 5 drops of peppermint, 5 drops of orange and 5 drops of frankincense. It smells heavenly and perfectly Christmas.

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2 Responses to holiday thrifting

  1. kristie says:

    thanks for that ‘recipe’! i have some pine cones that need to be spritzed. aren’t those little hats on picnik too cute? i put them on my cats heads in photos…cause they sure won’t wear them in real life…i’ve tried 😉

  2. Vanessa says:

    I love thrift stores now, but I think I would have hated them as a kid. Funny how our interests change! The owls are adorable.

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