I wanted to share some fun stuff I got for my birthday.

First up, the hubby got me this awesome tea cup, similar to the one he got me 2 years ago made by the same artisan, Creative with Clay. Isn’t it just beautiful?  I love it!!

Underneath it is Crazy Sexy Diet, by Kris Carr, also from my hubby.  Kris Carr’s story is an amazing one. In her book, she shares how she is living with cancer (now dormant) and how she made herself healthy from the inside out.  It’s not your run-of-the-mill diet book. It’s a cleansing, eat you veggies and be good to yourself book. I am crazy about  it so far. It’s like having a super hip, fun, cool nutrition teacher give you all the scientific facts about nutrition in a way that is totally easy to grasp. I learned about this book after reading THIS and watching THIS and THIS.  I’m going to tackle my sugar addiction once and for all (as soon as all that chocolate cake is gone)!!!!

This pretty little wall hanging was made by a local artist. We can’t remember her name :(.  Anyway, this little piece feels like it was made just for me.  My favorite color turquoise with copper and the words DREAM.BREATHE.CREATE.

I also got this beautiful Orchid from my friend Siri. I hope I don’t kill it. I’m not known for having a green thumb. I have been reading up on orchids though, hopefully increasing the chances of this beautiful orchids life.

And I was completely surprised with a package in the mail from my friend Linda, whom I met through my blog. It may not have been for my birthday, but boy what perfect timing. She just blows me over with her kindness, generosity and her beautiful heart.  Thank you!

I am so lucky to have such beautiful people in my life. My wonderful family, my husband who spoils me with so much love and affection and friends that I adore. They are my best gifts of all.

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  1. Happy Birthday Regina, you had some lovely gifts and it seems only the other day i was admiring your gifts last year.I love orchids they are my favourite flower but sadly i didn’t keep either of mine, good luck 🙂

  2. bonnierose says:

    Regina, beautiful gifts.. every one!!! I too love love orchids… You reminded me, I need another one! hugs

  3. Kristin says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the book recommendation-I’ll have to check that one out.

    I don’t have a green thumb either but I’ve had good luck keeping my phalaenopsis orchid alive for almost 4 years. I set it in a bowl of lukewarm water for 15-20 minutes every 2 weeks, sometimes with orchid food. My orchid lives in a terra cotta pot with a hole in the bottom so it can take up water this way. I think the key to orchid care is to not over-water.

    Good luck! There is nothing quite so wonderful as getting an orchid to re-bloom.

  4. sperlygirl says:

    buon compleanno, mi amica! xx

  5. Teresa says:

    Awesome! Happy Birthday!

  6. kristie says:

    such wonderful gifts! my parents have the amazing ability to grow orchids…they bloom every year…all i know is they keep them in the kitchen near a window 😉

    i’m so very glad you showed the book – i was so inspired that i had someone pick it up for me today at a bookstore (it’s sold out online everywhere). i’ll get it on the way home from work and probably devour it tonite.

  7. kristie says:

    ps: that little stuffed kitty cat on the japanese (?) book cover is beyond cute.

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