painting for my friend

I painted this for my friend A, whose also had her birthday this month. The puppy dog is her little Roofrauff.

We went out to lunch yesterday and celebrated our belated birthdays. We had so much fun and had so much to talk about. We hadn’t seen each other since October, which is truly ridiculous. We vowed to see each other more often.  We used to do little crafty meet-ups at least once a month.

She gave me the above frame (I thieved the photo from her blog-he he). I love it so!  She gave me another one a while ago that I should share soon.  She also gave me this book called, Secrets of Simplicity: learn to live better with less by Mary Carlomagno.  AND, she gave me a mixed music cd with loads of happy music.  So awesome. She knows me so well! I love all my gifts. Thank you my friend!

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5 Responses to painting for my friend

  1. Teresa says:

    What a sweet doggie portrait!

  2. What a sweet portrait for your friend! She will love that! This makes me wish I had a beautiful portrait like that of Pounce & Axel by you 🙂 (By the way I hung your beautiful Red Barn print in our guestroom & I love it! I will have to post some photos soon 🙂

  3. Alexandra says:

    I’m glad you liked your gifts and I would love to see you again soon! You inspired me like crazy, just like you always do. Love to you Dear Friend! Thank you for spoiling me rotten. E loves the portrait of little RR as much as I do–I left it on the coffee table so he would see it when he came home. Next time I saw it it was next to his framed family portrait.

    Here’s to a year full of hanging around together!

  4. ramona says:

    The dog painting is beautiful! The design is really attractive and I like the color palette. I could see this made into a ceramic tile. Beautiful work!

  5. Finny says:

    Nice paintings flower painting in absolutely beautiful ..

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