brooches come and gone

I spent the weekend sorting and packaging up some really wonderful brooches.  I am so excited for everyone to get there package in the mail!  I am sure everyone will be quite pleased with what they received.

1. Brooch Swap and Giveaway, 2. Zipper Brooches, 3. brooch, 4. tree1, 5. blizzard 2011 003, 6. three of six, 7. Brooches for Exchange, 8. Brooch, 9. sakura brooches, 10. Brooch exchange, 11. Brooch Exchange , 12. Be Embellished Brooches Complete

Above are just a sampling of what I received. I am now wishing I had photographed all the sets not in the flickr group, but time is of the essence, especially with two sick kiddos around. Ick! I’m drinking my green smoothies and juice, hoping I don’t get sick too.

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4 Responses to brooches come and gone

  1. Lady Catfern says:

    Wow what a wonderfully colourful collection! I paticularly love the trees at no 4. It reminds me of work done by Clarice Cliff in the early part of the 20th century on pottery.

  2. oh I so wish my brooches had arrived!! these all look so lovely!

  3. Dakota says:

    Yay! I received mine and they are so pretty! (I did get one of mine back oddly.) I’m looking forward to dressing up my outfits with them… 🙂 Thank you for coordinating the exchange!

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