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Are you sick of hearing about Artfest yet?  I’m still trying to maintain my artfest high, going down memory lane over and over again.   It really was that much fun. And yes, pretty intense too, with all the art, creativity and learning.

Jasper & Blue

Baby Lux

I received a lot of trades and they are all wonderful. I got lots of collage paper packs which I have already been using, and lots of ATCs.  I would love to post a pic of each one, but that would take forever so I am posting my favorites.  Many of them are special, not only because they are awesome, but because of the connections and people they remind me of.

Wish brooch by A wee bit warped

Posting these also will give you an idea of the talent and variety that was at artfest this year. Amazing! Plus, this will give artfest newbies ideas on what to make for artfest trades next year.

Happy Friday!

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7 Responses to Artfest Trades

  1. WOW! That’s quite a haul! I see goodies from my friend Penn there!

    Especially love that ceramic heart pin. Gorgeous!

  2. shelly says:

    The trades were awesome this year!!! And I seriously love yours…going to find a place on my inspiration board for it!

  3. April Cole says:

    Love it all! What fun… so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing :]

  4. Andria says:

    Wow, those are a lot of goodies. Am wondering how you will keep/store/display them all!

  5. Hey Regina!! I’m so happy to find your lovely blog! I received one of your postcards in iHanna swap! Thank you so much!!! It’s great to “meet” you, and I look forward to visiting you more often! Cheers!!

  6. Lay Hoon says:

    Hi Regina, I’m so glad to receive your postcard.
    Thank you to sent along with the plastic and also the printed b/w. Cool !!

  7. spindelmaker says:

    Hi Regina, it was so nice to meet and do some late-nite-arting with you at Artfest. This is a great post, with all the links to other inspiring blogs. I´m still not home yet, but will certainly keep in blog-touch with you. Your blog looks SO inspiring and great, I´m looking forward to following you on your creative journey.

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