last lunch

Today was me and the hubby’s last lunch alone for a while (unless we find an extremely good and cheap sitter for a few hours a week) because tomorrow is the last day of school. Hip-hip hooray for summer vacation(sorta). We went to eat Thai food ~ my favorite. It was delish!  I would have shared my plate before I scarfed it down, but I’m too embarrassed to show you how high it was piled.  YUM!

I am almost done with my artfest proposals (should be in the mail tomorrow) and I have mini art blocks on the table as gifts for the teachers.  We were very lucky with all four of our teachers this year and I wanted to make them something special. I will share tomorrow.

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5 Responses to last lunch

  1. April Cole says:

    Oh how wonderful & sweet!
    Yes that alone time is very important, good for you :]
    You are going to do just fine with Artfest, I know it!!
    I can not wait to see the mini art blocks… hip, hip, hooray.

  2. michelle says:

    yay for you and your artfest proposals! can’t wait to see what you’re offering :). still working on mine. well actually, i haven’t even started working on mine. i love thai too!!!

  3. Andria says:

    Good for you and the hubby, getting out for one last lunch alone. I love that you can make a dirty plate and used napkin look lovely and arty!! I haven’t quite gotten the hang of that with my photography yet. 🙂

  4. Tammy McGee says:

    oh I hope you had a wonderful time, and that you get some more dates soon :o) I am so excited to see your artfest proposals…but do we have to wait?? Im not good at waiting! LOL! I guess I’ll get to practice if we have to. HAHA! I REALLY hope to hear from you soon.{{Hugs}} T.

  5. Michelle says:

    My husband and I did the same thing yesterday, we had Vietnamese noodles. :0) Happy last day of school, I know you must be looking forward to enjoying those boys of yours even more!

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