1. Home for Tea 2. Good to Be Home

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I thought I’d share what I made for my artfest proposals (I only submitted 2).  I worked so hard on them, it would be a shame to not share them.  Part of my love of making art, is being able release it to the world/universe and share it with you.

3. A Playful Home 4. House of Dreams

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My first proposal was called “Stories from home”.  A mixed media project on wood with layers of paint, collage, more paint, pencil and a layer of my beloved encaustic wax.  The idea was to bring collage elements and using symbols of home   to create a home remembered, dreamed, imagined or true to your own feelings of what home means to you.

Calavera #1, Calavera #2, Calavera #3

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Proposal #2 was called Calavera Life Alters. Another mixed-media project, this time combining wood, metal tooling, paint, inks, and other fun elements. In Mexico, calaveras or decorative skulls are used to represent the life of a loved one who has passed and as a reminder to live your wonderful life~ life’s too short!  They represent the celebration of life and the ancestry and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Thanks for letting me share these with you.  Have a beautiful weekend!

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14 Responses to proposals

  1. Tepary says:

    Lovely, both. I’m especially digging the Calaveras. Thank you for sharing.

  2. shelly says:

    Oh, Regina! They are AWESOME!!! I really, really do love them! And it is so obvious that they come from your heart. Maybe you will consider submitting them somewhere else? I think that is what I am going to do with mine…we’ll see. Yours are so special… if you offer up the falling stars home piece for sale, please let me know. I may not be able to afford the splurge with my upcoming part time work situation, but maybe I can treat myself!!! THANK YOU for sharing! Love, shelly xoxoxoxo

  3. elsa says:

    Really like them all, especially ‘Good to be Home’. You are so very talented! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Liberty says:

    oh my gosh these are so awesome! House of Dreams is my favourite. My eyes keep being drawn to the key. I love it (and love the whole thing 🙂
    I can’t understand why they didn’t decide on you for artfest!!
    I can only think it may be the Universe has other fabulous plans for the energy that would have gone into it.

  5. michelle says:

    they’re totally wonderful!!! your painting and style are just so pleasing to the eyes Regina. i’m so sorry to hear they weren’t accepted. 🙁

  6. April Cole says:

    Your artwork is FANTASTIC!
    You created some wonderful pieces here.
    Thank you soooo very much…for sharing your talents with all of us. :]

  7. Regina – your work is gorgeous! I especially like Stories From Home – I can see the time and love you put into the series. Maybe you should submit to teach at other retreats?

  8. spindelmaker says:

    Love your houses, Regina! The House of dreams is… dreamy! 🙂 And the calaveras look like so much fun to make. I agree with Shelly, why don´t you submit them to another retreat-place?
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love the house idea. Why not offer these as a small online workshop? I’d totally be interested. Also, what kind of encaustic wax medium are you using?

  10. Andria says:

    I love all of your pieces, but especially the houses. I find “A Playful Home” and “House of Dreams” inspirational designs for thinking about how I could make keepsake paintings for my own home and daughters…beautiful!

  11. Oh, darling, I would LOVE to see these as a workshop. Perhaps you should make a video or an e-course?

  12. Kristine Welter says:

    Hi Regina, I love all your ideas and techniques!!! I live in Tucson and would love to take classes from you. Do you ever offer local workshops?

  13. Sunny says:

    I loved all of these! The colors are really beautiful together. I agree with Shelly…maybe you should submit them somewhere else. Keep up the beautiful work. Also, I loved the bracelets you sent to Russia. What a lovely idea. My 17 year old daughter is in Nicaragua right now on a mission trip. She took bracelets for the kids with her as well.

  14. Super Karen says:

    I too love them! I agree with Denice! You should offer a tutorial/e-course here on your blog!! I am training to be a marriage and family therapist (I was an art therapist for while…) and love, Love, LOVE your houses. I also adore your calaveras. I love how different traditions celebrate death and life.

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