daily planner doodles




Thought I’d share a few of my favorite pages from my daily planner.  My collection of quotes, inspiration, thoughts & doodles.  You can see my other months here: March1, March2 , February and January.

Quote for today:  “Keep a good heart. That’s the most important thing in life. It’s not how much money you make or what you can acquire. The art of it is to keep a good heart.” ~ Joni Mitchell

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8 Responses to daily planner doodles

  1. bonitarose says:

    I love your doodles and your pages.. you are so so talented.. you could publish a book with all these pages.. seriously.. i would so buy it! hugs xo

  2. Michelle says:

    Wow. Wow, wow!

    (April 26th cracks me up!)

  3. April Cole says:

    Wonderful planner, very inspiring!
    Loads of color & doodles… love it :]
    “Keep a good heart”- words to live by <3

  4. Tammy McGee says:

    xoxox You totally inspiried me when you first posted this idea! sooooo awesome! I ran out to Winners and bought a cool planner and started this the next day! LOL! Yours is much prettier than mine though:o) I am so excited we are friends. You are so good for my heart dearest!! I LOVE the lotus blossom wood blocks too!! have a wonderful day! {{hugs}}

  5. tiki says:

    So creative! I spy billy ball flowers!

  6. sofy says:

    wow you sure have an amazing daily planer!
    I have gone over to use my cellphone for appointments and such.. But yours sure made me smile:)

  7. corina says:

    What fun way to fill up a planner- cool!

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