home again, home again

We had a blast on our California vacation, celebrating Super-E’s 10th(!!) birthday.  He wanted to go to Disneyland (he’s been asking for the last 2 years) and he couldn’t have been happier. I remember really wanting to go to Disneyland at his age.

I am so happy to have spent this time with my boys, see their excitement and energy. They had so much fun.

One of the highlights of the trip for me, was finally meeting my long time blog friend Michelle (Greetingarts). We met up my first night in California.

We had a really great time. So easy and fun, we chatted away effortlessly and could have probably talked all night. Her girls came too. They are so adorable with similar personalities as my own boys. We exchanged gifts too.  I am so happy to have met them all. Now my hubby can’t call her my imaginary friend anymore.

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2 Responses to home again, home again

  1. elsa says:

    I remember my first time at Disneyland ~ it was a wonderful day!
    Happy late birthday to Super~E!

  2. Jessica says:

    Looks like so much fun! Your boys are adorable. I can see you in them. Love the photos too.

    Also, I saw your course. I wish I had time to do something like that right now but I am super busy with the kids, photography, and keeping my house running. Will you be offering this course throughout the coming year?

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