a splendid evening

We ventured out this evening to see my friend Alexandra’s art at Create Cafe. She had the most awesome display set up with her beautiful art and hair clips.  It was so nice to see her and all the interest buzzing around her.

We ate dinner at Create Cafe too. Enjoyed a delicious felafel sandwich and sweet potato fries. Yum!

And shared a bit o’ beer with my hubby.

And the boys played Foosball, which was the highlight of their evening.

On the way home we bought Harry Potter part 7.1.  We’ll be watching it tomorrow so we can see the last movie on Sunday. We are very excited.

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2 Responses to a splendid evening

  1. Mead says:

    It was wonderful show and fun to see you there too. I do admire you and Alexandra’s dedication to creativity so! Her pieces fit in so well at Create Cafe and their eclectic style and the displays were so flattering to her art.
    I look forward to trying your ecourse too. I shared it with my mom ], who runs art workshops in Oregon and she fell in love with your video.
    Best to you!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Oh Regina, I am so glad you had a nice evening with your family! It was a great night for me with all of my friends and so many of my coworkers there. I felt so loved. Thank you for your kind words and for showing up!

    Mead, thanks for your sweet compliments too. I agree that the style of my work is very compatible with the Create Cafe and all of their funkiness!

    I am super excited about your e-course too!

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