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I have found the results of my survey very fascinating.   It’s is so nice to know a bit about your readers and get an idea what brought them here in the first place. Oh, that would have been a good question!  How did you find creative kismet?  Maybe you can answer that in the comments, some of you did do that in the survey.

Anyway, it is a very small snapshot, since less then 10% of my readership participated. That is totally okay though!  Still fun to see.

So here are the results:

1. Which category below includes your age?
2. How many children age 17 or younger live in your
Of those who answered this question, 17  people have 1 child, 32 have two children and 11 have 3 or more children.  The majority, 68 people have no children under 17 at home.
3. What is your creative status?
4. What are types of a creative activities are you
5. How long have you been reading Creative Kismet Blog?
6. What do you like seeing most on Creative Kismet Blog?
7. How often do you check Creative Kismet Blog?
8. What other websites do you check often?
9. What types of e-courses/workshps might you be





10. Please offer any other suggestions, comments, say anything at all (just a few random comments):

~Your blog is so nice and interesting !!…i discovered it recently and signed up for your newsletter. A great CIAO from Italy 🙂

~Love your blog and admire your creative path!

~Keep up the good work!  Make more tea folders!Try Artfest again next year! And never, never give up.  You are a treasure.

~I love your bold style in your paintings.  That’s what first drew me to your blog.  I’m always pleased to see a new post of your pop up in my reader.  I wish you peace and inspiration for more art!Cheers,BKC

~I love your artwork. I found your blog through Stumble Upon (the most cutest guiding stars!) and now I’m totally hooked! Keep going, your art makes me smile! 🙂

~i love how colourful and inspirational your blog is.. and i love the things you make -like things you offfer how-tos for how they often don’t require lots of expensive things, and often mean recycling other things 🙂
oh and basically keep doing what you’re doing 😀

~Your images are lovely. And it’s such a help to me to see beauty out in the world. Being a mom is sometimes like being a teenager, you feel like you are the only one in the world who is doing what you’re doing. It’s nice to see that other people are balancing the same things against their creative impulses.


~Always loved the overall feel and energy of this blog and a talented super mom who runs it. I connect with the healthy eating, crafting, family etc. Great inspiring ideas which I’ve used many of.   Fyi: I view the blog on my rss feed on my igoogle page. New links show however you “”title”” them.

~Thank you so much for the inspiration you share through your blog. I have been a long time reader (and participated in one of your swaps!) and I always enjoy seeing what lovely photos/work/words you put up. Thank you!

~I think you do a great job.  Wonderful color, beautiful art.

~I enjoy your space here. It gives me better ideas as how to let my creative juices flow.  Thank you for sharing your life in this space.  I would love to do one of your e-courses someday.

~I probably look like a stalker now, with having practically ticked every box…. !! This was the first blog I ever “followed” and still look forward to opening your posts every day! Blessings from a wintery Ireland X Emily

~!!I just realized that I’ve been reading your blog for more than 5 years and I never even left a comment! (I’m really not very good in writing …that’s why I don’t have a blog myself….) So, on the occasion of this survey I would like to say that your blog is fabulous!! You are very creative and so devoted to your family I really really admire you!!Congrats!!!

~Your blog is one of only a handful that I love to visit daily.  I find so much to be inspired by here.  I enjoyed your Art of Giving course so very much and look forward to doing it again in the spring.

~thanks for your blog. it’s so much fun viewing all the wonderful things you do. it seems so much down to earth and still absolutely full of wonders :)I love your journals and all the ideas around them and will prepare one for my boyfriend for the next year, as the usual calenders with the rigid monthly, daily plans are no use to him and he loves me playing around with colour, paper, patterns etc.So thanks again and keep it up 🙂

~I originally stopped by for your giant tutorials page but then liked what I found in your blog too so decided to stick around. Thanks for your wonderful blog!

Thank you so much, to all of you who participated!!

If you’re feeling up to it, could you tell me if you read my blog through a feed, or stop by directly?  And, how did you find me? 

Have a great weekend!!

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8 Responses to good to know…

  1. I saw your Day of the Dead stamp set in the Carve Your Stamps Flickr group in September 09 and added you to my contact list then. After that I just saw so much stuff in your stream that I enjoyed that I started following your blog. I just follow on my reading list off my Blogger dashboard.

  2. I now have you bookmarked so I just go directly to your blog 🙂 (well a page that may have been your old blog.. and I get to click on one of your lovely images and it brings me here) but I think I originally found you through something you had up on one pretty thing.. I think, but it was so long ago that it might have been a link from somewhere else.. sorry!! Interesting to see what your other readers are like, and are interested in 🙂

  3. Kate D says:

    such a neat idea to do the survey! it was fun reading everyone’s replies. Well, you know that I found out about you from Artfest… 🙂 And now it’s hooked up to my Google Reader. later!

  4. Joanna says:

    Love your blog. Found you while doing a google search for, “top diy blogs” 🙂

  5. Michelle says:

    I stop by directly, everyday so I don’t miss those tea folders 😉

  6. Oh, neat! It’s really interesting to see these types of results. I read all of my blogs through google reader, but I stop by to comment or pin. 🙂

  7. hi regina. i found you through a google image search (i think) and after diving into every section of your blog realized you were connected to artfest……..and I’ve been a loyal direct stop by reader ever since 🙂 little over a year now. 🙂

  8. Melbee says:

    I think I have followed your blog from almost the beginning-there was just something about you colourful paintings and brave use of colour that drew me- plus the fact that you are interested in green/healthy/sew/craft family life (with 2 boys too!) And to how I found you I searched for creative blogs and kismet part of your name jumped out. So there you are- Hope that helps xx

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