Cup o’ Cheer

I was inspired by my cup of coffee today.

Yes, I am back on the coffee wagon.

It’s December and it’s cold, demanding a hot cup of coffee, right?

And it’s a Peppermint Cafe Mocha.

How could I resist that!

1 spoon full cocoa powder or syrup mixed with agave nectar (or sweetener of choice) and a splash of hot coffee and mix thoroughly.

Add your coffee and creamer.  Stir.

Add 1-2 peppermint candies ( I LOVE Bob’s Sweet Stripes) and stir until dissolved.

It’s really good without the cocoa too!


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6 Responses to Cup o’ Cheer

  1. Lucy Chen says:

    I used to love my coffees in the mornings and afternoons, but I can’t have any now that I’m pregnant. Not that I’m so strict with myself, but I throw up every time I have coffee. Maybe it’s the baby’s way of saying “no”.

  2. angela says:

    Love the painting! And, yum! I’m on my second cup…I’m going to go drop a peppermint in it. And seriously….love the painting. Want to send some of your tallent to VA?

  3. tif says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm! and the painting is just as sweet!

  4. Jacquie Uribe says:

    The art is great, as always, but the peppermint mocha coffee looks delicious. I’ll have to try that out today. Thanks for the how-to.

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