hand-painted crazy pattern bag

This is my bag for NYC (this weekend!!!!)

I’ve been using the same two bags for about three years. This mail sack that Kathy made me, and this one I made a few years ago.  I alternate them with seasonal changes.  As much as I love these two bags, I thought it was high time I make a new bag.

I couldn’t find the perfect fabric in my fabric stash, so I made my own. I used plain ol’ cotton canvas and I doodled designs all over it with thinned out fabric paint. I also painted the bottom solid gray so that the off-white wouldn’t get all yucky when I set it down.

It has a pocket on the outside for my phone and two pockets inside.  No zippers because I never bother to zip them anyway.  It’s also easy for me to get into,no clasps, buttons or zippers, but not too easy for others to sneak into.  It is big enough to carry my wallet, phone, memo-holder, mini sketch book and camera just perfectly!

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6 Responses to hand-painted crazy pattern bag

  1. elsa says:

    oh my gosh, it’s wonderful! Love that you made the fabric design yourself. I’ve always wanted to try it but have yet to do so. Have a great trip to NYC! (what’s the occasion for the trip?)

  2. April Cole says:

    So clever and cute.. love it! :]
    Have a safe trip, enjoy. ((hugs))

  3. I love how the top folds over & the fabric you painted is so perfect! 🙂

  4. val says:

    I just made the all in 1 tote by Lotta and am wanting to make something similar to yours….are you posting a tutorial? Hope so…..your tote is lovely!!!!

  5. Maureen Dainty says:

    Where can I find this pattern please

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