tuesday tinkering

I had planned on painting today but couldn’t figure out what it was I wanted to paint.  So instead, I hopped around from website, to website trying to become inspired by colors, textures and images.

1. Untitled, 2. Wake up…, 3. Mr. Sun, 4. Mexicano pouch, 5. Untitled, 6. granny circles, 7. Laura’s Loop: Heart and Arrow Pincushion, 8. little projects., 9. Diana’s scarf

I never decided what it was I wanted to paint, but I did doodle a few things in my sketch pad and I created a mosaic from flickr favorites of things that are making me happy today.


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6 Responses to tuesday tinkering

  1. Dania says:

    I like your sketchbook!
    I also have times, where I sample a lot of inspiration… and then suddenly there is a picture in my head, that want to come out…
    Would you like to share a few sides from your Sketchbook in my Blog (sorry it is only in german, but my English is not pretty good)?
    Every Monday we open our books for “Blue Monday – An Illustrated Life”.
    Would be glad to see your’s!
    Fine Inspirations…

  2. nycgirl says:

    Regina – When you are drawing on your sketch pad do you have source material or are the sketches of birds/plants/flowers just from your head? I’ve never been able to do that without staring at source material. Amazing sketches! I LOVE them!

  3. April Cole says:

    “TINKER” away!!! :]
    You are very inspiring, always.

  4. MelBee says:

    Oodles of Doodles…..fun to see and great mosaic too! Love the fact that you don’t mind sharing your inspirational wanderings.x

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