A good day

Today is a good day because:

*My friend came over, we shared some freshly made green juice, and found an awesome yard sale.
* Then we went to the Mini Time Machine- A Museum of Miniatures which was very cool.
*The kids are all better- healthy, happy and breathing easy! Yay
*Papa Kismet is coming home today after a long week away (I tell you, everything happens when he is away – OR things just seem easier when he is around)
*The sun was shining and it was an amazing 79 degrees today.
*I don’t have to work tomorrow – totally sleeping in!!

Now about my thrift finds.  It is the perfect time around here for yard sailing and I totally scored scored.  We, by chance, came across a yard sale. In a flash I saw that globe and it was a scream, screech, swerve-in-my-car moment.  Do you ever do that when you see a yard sale?  I’m crazy I know, but I just had to have that globe. There are so many things I’ve seen using globes and maps.

The step stool is to help me reach the high cabinets in my kitchen so that I don’t have to drag a chair through the house. It fits perfectly in my pantry. The enamel pot, I thought, would be nice for an outdoor planter. And then that little perfume bottle will be good for trying to make my own essential oil perfume.All of it for $10 and all in one place! I love yard sales like that.

This painting was a commission for my friend’s boyfriend. It’s his dog Angus who just happened to be born on Valentine’s Day.  A great gift, don’t ya think?

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6 Responses to A good day

  1. Kate D says:

    I can’t wait to see what becomes of your globe. 🙂 maybe you’ll take it to Artfest and everyone can sign on it from where they live? gotta love yard sales! glad your kiddies are feeling better..

  2. elsa says:

    I love a good yard sale and haven’t been to one in a long while. It’s wonderful getting a bargain and I love what you got ~ especially the stool. It’s a keeper!
    The portrait of Angus is darling ~ a good Valentine gift indeed!

  3. Andria says:

    Wow, what a fabulous Pinterest page you linked to…I bookmarked it to really drool over later! I have always loved globes, even when I was quite little…what a nice find! I totally agree that things just run a little smoother when the “Mr.” is around (usually, at least!)

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