Valentine Treats

It was a candy workshop around here all day.  Melting chocolate and dipping all kinds of yummy things in it.

I made some rum balls two weeks ago and have kept them in the frig to allow the flavors to mature.  Today, I dipped them in chocolate.

Then, I dipped some peanut butter pretzel pillows (from Trader Joe’s) in chocolate- exactly what they needed.

I also made some very special treats for my hubby and reused a box from chocolates he gave me a couple of years ago.

I don’t usually don’t make gifts for Valentine’s, but I just couldn’t contain myself this year. Little gift bags for a few friends and any tokens I have left, I plan on giving to strangers throughout the day.


The Winner of the Baby Lux flower Brooch is Mousy Brown! Yay! And thank you to all who participated!

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3 Responses to Valentine Treats

  1. Mousy Brown says:

    Wow that was a lovely surprise! Just what I need to brighten up the very grey days around here at the moment…thank you so much Regina! Happy Valentines to you, those chocolates look delicious 😀

  2. elsa says:

    Oh, those chocolate dipped pretzels look yummy! I can’t buy the darn things cause I want to eat them all in one sitting!

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