Valentine fortune tokens

I thought it would be fun to make little tokens for my friends for Valentine’s day. I thought many of my friends could use a little spark of hope where love is concerned.

I made them from wood disks. Red hearts on one side and little love fortunes stamped on the back.  I thought it would be fun for them to pick one out of a grab bag where they can’t see what they are choosing.

I added some glitter to a handful of them, but I’m not sure how I like them best.  I had also thought that I could add magnets, but I think I will keep them as tokens for my friends to tuck into their coin purse.  A nice reminder when they are looking for change. Maybe, they might even find the need to pass it along to someone else who needs little words of love and encouragement.

Now, I have to work on Valentines for my guys and ones for Super-E’s class.  I think I will print out these arrows and get some pencils(no L-O-V-E words on them- please!). My little guy’s class doesn’t exchange Valentine’s gifts because they are too disruptive for the teacher 🙁 which is so sad for my little guy.


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3 Responses to Valentine fortune tokens

  1. Michelle Z. says:

    Your little guy’s teacher sounds like she needs some love tokens :).

  2. Kate d says:

    So cute- they look like cookies! And what a grumpy old teacher! 🙂

  3. Andria says:

    Awww, what a shame that your son doesn’t get to celebrate Valentine’s day in school! Your love tokens are such a fun idea, and the arrow Valentines look neat, too!

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