Artfest Day 2:: Michelle Allen

So day 2 was just as wonderful!  Michelle Allen, another one of my favorite people, whom I’ve known about for ages and all her amazing designs,  I didn’t get to meet her until last year when I took her class,”What’s your story?“.  She is so fun and full of fantastic energy.  Such a great teacher too!

inspiration for the class, by Michelle Allen

The class I took with her this year was “Hoop de Silkscreen“.  She did a similar journal book cover class last year with silkscreening and I was so envious of what everyone made.  I am so happy that I took her class this year! Silk screening is always something that I have wanted to try. I see silk-screened t-shirts and totes in my future.

Here is my screen. I wanted to combine things that my guys like: bikes, owls and play and the bee because they are always buzzing with activity.  The crown & heart represents me.

The print onto fabric turned out really fun.  I painted the background with blue paint and hope to add some embroidery and beads to it someday.

And here is Kate with her piece. She made a gift for her friend’s new baby boy, Walker.  Cute eh? (she’s Canadian so I have to throw an “eh” in there – hehe).  Kate and I had all our classes together. Totally not planned.  Kinda crazy, eh?

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7 Responses to Artfest Day 2:: Michelle Allen

  1. Great pieces! I would love to try silk screening as well. Looks like you had such a blast, eh?!

  2. spindelmaker says:

    How great to make a piece with all that is important to you and your family! It´s like a heraldic sign or visual motto for the family! Cool! I have to think of something like that for my family. I wonder what that will look like… 🙂

  3. Oh I love seeing all of your photos. I got sick and had to leave Artfest Friday morning and I am still in shock that I missed out on the adventure. Keep on sharing your beautiful creations.

  4. Marcia says:

    Looks like a lovely class! I have to tell you it was so funny, I was looking at the Walker thing and I immediately thought it was a political image… I live in Madison, WI and half the state is trying to recall our governor so I see Recall Walker or Pro Walker stuff ALL over town, all over facebook, etc.

  5. you’re such a pro at documenting everything! I took my camera everywhere with me but did I take pictures? noooooo! I didn’t really get to officially say goodbye to you…I’m sure it’s a good thing though, I was starting to get all emotional! My mom lives in AZ…and I live next to the Annex so I see gatherings in our near future for sure! xoxo

  6. April Cole says:

    So pretty and creative, these hoops are fantastic!
    Thank you for throwing us some of the inspiration from Artfest, you’re the best. ((hugs))

  7. great pictures regina! loved, LOVED your piece. thank you so much for sharing one of your prints with me. i also think it’s really cool how you incorporated your family in it. you’re making me think i should try to do a piece of art that does that…. add it to the list. thank you again for taking my class! you made me look so good. 🙂

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