instagram madness

My new obsession is now instagram, pushing pinterest over a bit and taking center stage. It finally became available to Android users and ever since I have been completely hooked!

I’ve always wanted to do a photo-a-day challenge, but could never keep up with it. Now I have the perfect platform for it.  I’m doing 2-3 pics a day now, but that may change a bit (not for a while though, since I’m totally obsessed).  It really opens your eyes to interesting and beautiful things.

If you are an instagram user, you can find me @ regina_creativekismet.


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3 Responses to instagram madness

  1. Alisa says:

    How does instagram work? Your sewing is beautiful.

    • Thanks Alisa! Instagram is an app you download onto your smart phone and then use to take photos and share in an online stream (sorta like Facebook but with pictures). You can follow people and check out their cool images. 🙂

  2. I was SO excited to see instagram for Android. I’ve become rather addicted myself. Will certainly pop over (as soon as my phone is re-charged…oops) to see some more of your shots. The ones here are fantastic!!

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