come on in…



Have you ever been in here before? I think I may have shown bits and pieces? Not sure.

Well, come on in anyway. It’s small, but cozy and I can easily fit all of you in here.

I’ve just changed out my inspiration board with lots of Artfest goodies.

And hung up some lovely bits on my inspiration wire.

I had wanted to paint this door (which goes to the garage), but thought it would be more fun to cover it with art from friends & the kids, photos and stuff I’ve made too.

Lots and lots of shelves for lots and lots of stuff!

There you have it. Well, actually there is a few more pics, but you can see them all in a slide show HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!

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15 Responses to come on in…

  1. spindelmaker says:

    Thanks for the tour. Wow, it´s all clean and tidy! You´re an example to follow! 🙂 What a good idea with the inspiration-board!

  2. kt says:

    Your studio is so inviting and inspiring! I love the door idea what a perfect use for the door. Your space is just overflowing with art goodness I can see why each piece you produce(create) in there has so much life!

  3. Regina, It’s fabulous! I am green with envy about how organized it all is. May I ask, what is that amazing wire spinner storage thingy on the right side of your desk? (It l0oks like it’s full of craft paints or really fat markers???) Where did you find such an amazing device? I did spy my little doll pin on your board. Absolutely love seeing all your creative goodness displayed throughout.
    : ) lulu

  4. linda says:

    I love the pic of the lady holding the bird! Your cubby hole shelves are really nice too.l wish I had room for some. linda

  5. Janet says:

    Thanks for sharing Regina. I love peaking in other people’s creative spaces. Very organized and pleasant to spend time in. I hope your creative mojo returns soon. In the meantime, be good to yourself. 🙂

  6. Iain says:

    Wow! So incredibly creative and inspiring. Love the shelf space especially!

  7. What a colorful, well put together and ORGANIZED space. What an inspiration to clear out the clutter and find a place for everything. Thanks for sharing.

  8. upstatelisa says:

    what a fun place to play!!!

  9. sandy Martin says:

    so nice and organized. I can only keep mine like that for a day!

  10. Andria says:

    This is a really beautiful workspace, Regina. It definitely rivals anything I’ve ever seen published in an art studio magazine. I love, love, love your inspiration wire, as well as the back of the door. Some food for thought for my own art room. I love those square-shaped shelves, and open work table spaces too!

  11. Mary says:

    Wouh, what a darling studio. Makes one want to go and sort things at home!! Congratulations!

  12. You have a dream space friend! Love it!

  13. christy says:

    oh this is so inspiring, so organized, so beautiful and colourful! i am slowly working away at organizing the chaos of my studio and I love what you have done here! I already have some of those tin pots to hang on the wall and I have the same set of “tarot/dream” cards as you!!!! that has to be a sign that I too can create my own studio magic!!! (love how you clip the cards for the day on the curtains, and of those curtains!!!!! vintage love)

    you must have so much joy each time you enter this wonder-FULL space!!!

    thanks for sharing! i hope to have photos of studio transformation on my blog soon!

  14. What a great space! I love how “you” it is! So inspiring! (Loved your vintage camera collection on top of your one shelf! 🙂

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