still thinking of the ocean

Maybe it’s because I live in the desert, but I think the ocean is one of the most magical places on earth.  Any ocean (that I’ve ever seen, at least).  I love the waves, the breeze, the grandness and blueness of it all. So, now I have ocean blues and teals on my mind–oh and mermaids and sea shells and sea rocks too.

I loved seeing my guys out there playing in the waves.  This is one of my favorite pictures.

free desktop!

And case you are needing some ocean views, I made this little desktop wallpaper for you.  Just click on it for a bigger image and save it as your desktop.


While I was dreaming about the ocean, I decided to paint some rocks. I ran out of sunlight so I will share them tomorrow.

What kind of places are you dreaming about?

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3 Responses to still thinking of the ocean

  1. elsa says:

    I know what you mean about the ocean. I’ve always lived near until I moved to Portland. There is quite a lot of water ways here what with all the rivers (and rain, of course), but nothing like being at the ocean. It’s very calming for me. I just got a new car so I think I’ll be going a bit more often to dip my toes.

  2. MelBee says:

    Love your beach holiday photo’s; I am dreaming of sunshine, blue skies and end to the non-stop rain we are currently experiencing!

  3. Love the Beach photo. I love the water. I am dreaming of my trip to Italy in September. Going on an art retreat in Orvieto, Italy. Made my last payment, flight arrangements are made. Time go gather art supplies I need to take and dream.

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