he’s 11

My not-so-little guy turned 11 this week, so I decided to take a few days off of blogging to focus on his special time. I had gifts to make (which I will share tomorrow) and a mini trip to get ready for.

* We went to Phoenix (109 degrees, crazy I know) to play at the pool and water slide. It was actually not too bad with cloud cover and a warm breeze (haha).

* We met up with family so that our guys could play with their cousins and do a bit of laser tag and car racing.

* I made a yummy cake with ice cream sandwiches layered with ice cream, caramel and whipped cream (similar to this). He said it was my best cake ever!

* The cashier at Trader Joe’s gave him a chocolate bar for his birthday! How awesome is that.

And can I tell you how super sweet my Super-E is? He is gracious, kind and very generous. I love that he is a role model for his brother and cousins and that he cares for everyone in his family so deeply.  I am constantly amazed by him and so proud of what he is becoming.

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  1. MelBee says:

    A belated but nevertheless very Happy Birthday wishes to Super-E from all of us at the Bee Hive-Home.xx

  2. elsa says:

    Ah, they grow up so darn fast ~ Super-E sounds like a sweet boy ~ the best to have!

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