doodling with ScribblerToo

I just discovered ScribblerToo via How About Orange and I’ve had a hard time stepping away. I’m hooked! The original Scribbler is a basic doodle program, but this, in my opinion is WAY more fun.  The kids have been playing with it too.

Super-E made the elephant and I wrote the word.  All the rest were made by me.

And lastly, my favorite, for all you late-nighters

Check out all of my scribblers HERE and go try it out for your self.



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4 Responses to doodling with ScribblerToo

  1. doro K. says:

    oh yes…i’m infected, too, since i’ve read it yesterday at how about orange.
    scribbling my time away….

    best wishes, doro.

  2. elsa says:

    Great scribbles ~ I can see how it could become a bit hooked on it.

  3. I tried it last night, but could not figure out how to save the picture. It truly is fun

  4. I love that last one with the owl! It would make such a cute print for a little one’s room! 🙂

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