this week: what I’m loving

1. Morning coffee with my hubby.

2. The creative and wonderful group of women taking my e-course.  They amaze me daily.

3. Start of school, routine, happy kids, time to myself and time with hubby.

4. Gaining back range of motion in my neck, less pain every day. Finding myself again.

5. Less pain means me doing more of what I love: yoga, painting, playing with and hugging my family.

6. A new hair cut.

7. Listening to this song.

8. Big bowls of cut peaches, strawberries and grapes.

9. Watching Neverland, part 1 with the family. Part 2 tomorrow 🙂

10. The chatter of my two little guys before they finally fall asleep.


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3 Responses to this week: what I’m loving

  1. Less pain is always a good thing 🙂 Sounds like a lovely week 🙂

  2. Cami says:

    I loved the song ! Never listened before 😉
    It is true that each day you discover something new.

  3. karla says:

    Lovely journal pages. I love making lists like this too.

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