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Art of Giving e-courseI’ve decided to open my e-course for registration.  It will be a self study, work at your own pace sort of deal.  Click here for more info.

I am loving the color combination of these three pictures.

* Have you seen the fun Halloween stuff you can make on PicMonkey. The kids and I plan on playing with that.

* My friend gave me an entire case of 29oz canned pumpkin which has led me on a crazy recipe search for all things pumpkin.  I made pumpkin butter today which is so, so good and I plan on making muffins, lattes, cannoli and even popsicles since it is still 100 degrees out. The pumpkin planing helps me to pretend it is really fall.

* I’m taking Stephanie Lee’s Off the Chain e-course and hope to be making some crazy cool chains for jewelry and maybe even some of my wall hangings.

* Also taking Meg’s Sewing with Knits. Great class, have learned a lot so far. I bought some thrifted men’s t shirts to use for making my first t.

* Signed up for Daily Love. Have you done that yet? It is a nice newsletter with quotes and articles to inspire.

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  1. Pumpkin curry. Fave. {Woot on opening the e-course. Loves.}

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