more painted papers

I was running out of my favorite wrapping paper and thought I’d make more. It is a very meditative project. I used my hand carved stamps for this.

Then I painted pages from an old book. It’s an old writing book from the 40s that was already torn with the cover falling off. The pages were thin and worn so I freshened them up with a thin layer of bright paint and some of my favorite stencils. I will use these pretty sheets for my art journal or mixed media paintings. I love having a stack of fun paper to work with.

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2 Responses to more painted papers

  1. Angella says:

    Hi Regina,
    What a happy stash!!! I have been making pages of doodles -using the background techniques I learned on your e-course and then doodling my own designs on them with various black pens. Great fun. Then having them photocopied and cutting up the copies to make cards, mini journals etc. I will be posting photos of this on my blog later today/tonite. Go take a look when you have time. (
    much love

  2. Lisa says:

    Very Clever!!! And so snazzy!!!

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