happy homes

I was invited to do a wonderful little art swap hosted by Michelle Allen.

We were to make a little pieces of art, jewelry, ornaments or whatever we liked. One each for 9 friends/artists.

I really stressed over what to make.  Nothing was coming to me, but then I started sketching and thinking about the three things I love to paint, draw and make the most: houses, birds and faces.

Thus was born these little happy homes.  I made the birds out of paper clay and glued them to the top and added a bit of wire for them to hang.

I love how they turned out and am wishing I made one for myself! I will be sharing my precious little treasures from this swap soon.

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4 Responses to happy homes

  1. angella says:

    awesome- they so lucky!!!

  2. spindelmaker says:

    Thank you so much for my house! It´s so cute, and such a sweet reminder of you! 🙂 It´s already up on my wall. I´ll post a picture, once all the swaps have arrived. Have a wonder and creative new year, Regina!

  3. I love your little houses so much. Everything about them, the faces, the birds. Can’t wait to see what you receive in return.

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my house Regina!!! she’s super cute. def. one of my faves out of the swap. 🙂
    hope you and your family are well and hope your business is doing well.

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