bits of nature and photo play

bits of nature

The boys and I spent the morning collecting bits of nature around our back yard.

bits of nature

I was actually surprised to see find so many different things growing after the ups and downs of our crazy weather lately.

bits of nature

I took pictures of everything spread out and then put everything in one of my favorite wood bowls for out little table by our front door.

inverted colors

When I went to edit the pics, I decided to play with the images a bit.

inverted colors with cross processing

I use both Picasa 3 and PicMonkey to edit my pics. I inverted the colors, used cross process, yestercolor and cinamascope to get all these different looks.

inverted color with yestercolor digital processing

I really like the inverted colors of these last three images with the blue, purples and greens. I thought they might inspire some different colors in my art.

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5 Responses to bits of nature and photo play

  1. Amy O'H. says:

    Lovely pics! Nature provides some of the best raw materials!

  2. elsa says:

    Loving your photos. I’m always amazed by nature. Here in Portland we’ve got lots of moss growing all over ~ love all the colors and shapes it comes in. I live across from a very old cemetery and the wall around it has the most fabulous moss in so many forms!

  3. They are glowing. So pretty. We are being hit with 10-15 inches of snow right tonight so it is nice to see growth.

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